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I’ve already blogged at in Vietnamese 5 years ago but I didn’t have enough motivation to create new post consistency. I blog about everything I like in programming that I’ve experiences mostly in .NET, Visual Studio, Windows Phone, WCF, Web API… but I cannot post frequently so 5 years passed but my blog only have 28 posts at all. It’s really difficult to commit yourself  with a post schedule when you don’t create one :( I think it’s not problems because some of my post have great view/comment and I thanks all of you (my visitors) about it.

My blog help many people and I’m happy about this. Today after I subscribed and completed John Sonmez (author of’s email course on how to create a successful blog, I feel more energy to blog more and more :).


John is a nice guy with a deep and broad knowledge about programming and marketing. He create a free email course at this link: Create a blog that boosts your career . I like this course because it’s format: you’ll receive lessons in each email every Monday and Thursday, more than that I learned from John how community and consistency are important to the success of your blog. If you want to success on blog give it a try, I’m sure you will like this guy :)

From today, I’ll starting blog in English and maintain a consitency post schedule. I want to have more audience, all over the world and I want to have more excited community for sure.

P/s: I’ll try to post in both language Vietnames and English so stuned tune with me.

Happy sharing. Nice to see you next time.


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